When Twitter bought Posterous, I thought it was going to be a great thing for us. We would have a long term platform, always improving, easy to use for guest blogging from those that are not necessarily familiar with html and markup/markdown. But I was notified by Satoshi that they will be shutting down in April.

Co-founder Garry Tan is providing this solution for US $5.00 per month as per his tweet. Not a bad idea.

Posterous Will Shut Down On April 30th, Co-Founder Garry Tan Launches Posthaven To Save Your Sites

It was a great thing for us. {“ It was great while it lasted “}, and we definitely emjoyed the ease to involve the people that wanted to write but didn’t want to necessarily have their own blog set up. E-mail to our blog address, and it was as simple as that. It even let my children post via e-mail from their e-mail or even from their phones for the photos that they took occasionally. A great idea for that kind of thing, easier privacy settings for the kids than Facebook without all the intricate settings, and just simple to use.

For us, for right now, it looks like it is Github and Octopress. This should work very well for a technical blog, it should let us express the things that we would like to express, and it will allow simple team management for those that have experience with git and markdown.

It won’t be as simple in a lot of ways as Posterous was. But it will afford us some more features and the fun of learning and playing with a new system. Plus, it is fully customizable, still without the overhead you get with hosting your own servers, etc.

We will miss Posterous! But we are excited about moving on and learning new things.