Interview answer from Jamie van Dyke to a question posed by Yours Truly…

How do you see the market for Ruby Programmers in the work place, and do you see it as primarily tied to Rails and Web related work? Do you see trends in administration or other work? What’s the future for Ruby?

You can’t deny that Rails is going to be a big part of Ruby for quite a while, it was certainly the catalyst for a lot of people to gain an interest. It’s hard to say what the future will hold, but there’s definitely a trend to push the uses of the framework to a new level. RubyCocoa and Shoes are pushing the boundaries on the GUI development branch of use, and system administration scripting is also something I’ve seen used quite often myself and have seen others use. It won’t replace the other languages, of course, but I think it’s finding a solid place in the ranks of general use languages.

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