Interview answer from James Edward Gray II to a question posed by Yours Truly…

How do you see the market for Ruby Programmers in the work place, and do you see it as primarily tied to Rails and Web related work? Do you see trends in administration or other work? What’s the future for Ruby?

I would definitely say that Ruby is seeing the most use currently in the Web application world. That’s not all it can do though and some brave souls are pushing those boundaries!

Ruby has begun to make some inroads into the sciences. NOAA used Ruby to analyze satellite images of that damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, I spoke with a genetic researcher doing some genome processing with Ruby at the LSRC, and even NASA is using Ruby on a few projects now.

That’s just one field. Ruby is ready for us to take it into many new fields. My hope for the future is that we take Ruby to new places and do for them what we’ve done for web development.

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