Update: Monday 2017 April 4 04:26:17

It has now been a year since they have had to shut down…

I found a “Scalable Xen VPS Hosting for Developers” Private Beta, and I am officially inviting anyone that is interested, based on the following information.

Why ‘beta test’ webbynode?

We are working hard on building great software to give our customers more options, we are not here to provide a ‘host-in-a-box’ solution - but rather a totally custom web application to let you manage your “webbys” more efficiently, create clusters between them, move them between different data-center locations, and more. But we need feed back from experienced VPS users like you.

Benefits of becoming a Beta Tester

  • Get the 411 on our development progress!
  • Participate in contests where we will be giving away free Lifetime Memberships, and iPod giveaways!
  • Be part of a Community of developers & Linux enthusiasts
  • Access to our amazing Article Library
  • It’s FREE!
  • Receive 100% FREE VPS Service for the beta testing period, and up to 50% discounts when we go live.

Who’s a good candidate for Beta testing?

  • People with Linux & Server Management experience
  • Interest in building Linux fail-over solutions using VPS.
  • Enough knowledge to make these “webbys” rock-and-roll!
  • Setup your own Hosting environment, and work with us in order to set you up with Failover and Cloud Storage services.

You can Sign Up Here! Don’t forget to let Carlos know I sent you!

Update: Wed Feb 2013 20 22:03:35

They are no longer in Beta. But still a service I recommand